One-Time Support

Server Provisioning

Building customized and optimized servers, either as a fresh installation or using a valid backup, with the ability to create automation scripts for this, if the process is expected to be repeated.

Server Migration

Migrating servers, from a host to another, or to the cloud, after surveying the running services, with minimal to zero downtime.

Security Hardening

Performing analysis of the current system status and implement policies and configurations needed to secure the system accordingly.

DDoS Mitigation

Analyzing the DDoS attack type and implementation of the appropriate mitigation mechanism. The mechanisms extend to multi-server architecture and are aimed to optimize performance and maximize uptime.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Performing backup, backup verification, automated server provisioning and automated backup restoration to synced servers clone on another geographical location and fail-over plan.

High Availability Solution

Eliminating single point of failure by keeping all services redundant on multiple isolated hardware. The level of isolation between the instances range from a different hardware server in the same data-center to using multiple providers on multiple geographical locations.