Clients - Spirula Systems - Egyptian elections
Spirula is a leading company in Linux server management and secure cloud operations. Based in Alexandria, Egypt, we have a team of highly qualified experts, with cumulative experience in securing businesses’ production environment.
Server management , Devops , Sysops , security services , linux server , administration , Devops automation , cloud architecture , cloud management
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Highlight: Egyptian Elections



We worked for 7 intensive rounds of elections and referendums on the Egyptian portal, in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections and the Ministry of State for Administrative Development.

We have worked with very high agility to build a system that is affordable, customized, stable, and can handle thousands of user visits per second. The success of has pushed towards the release of a FOSS adoption strategy by the government, and it can strongly be attributed to the skills and dedication of Spirula System’s staff.