We are an Integrated Server Administration and Software Engineering House

Our mission is to provide our clients with integrated technology solutions for automating and securely scaling their operations in order to achieve economic growth.

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Founded in 2010




With a background in Engineering, Ahmed started his technical career in 2007 in the system engineering field, then founded Spirula in 2010 to provide support to production environments on Linux platforms, for both cloud computing and classic hosting.

Before that, Ahmed was well known for his Free/Open Source Software community activities since the start of EGLUG community in 2004, cofounding OpenEgypt NGO in 2012, and co-authoring Egypt’s FOSS strategy in 2014 as an independant consultant for the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT).

He is also a member of the advisory board for Motoon and Shezlong, two Egyptian startups. He worked in managing, scaling and securing various web platforms, notably Egyptian Elections, various eCommerce platforms and other high traffic news portals.

Expanded in 2019




Abdelmalek is an active and dynamic entrepreneur with a bachelor degree in Information System Management and a masters degree in International Business.

Starting 2012, Abdelmalek co-founded Savvy Era then Savvy Arabia, U.S and Egypt based companies that provide technology services to the USA market, Egypt and the Gulf area, until it was recently Acqui-hired by Spirula. He is also a Guinness world record breaker in Hajj Hackathon and the 2nd place winner in the same event with his Hajj Wallet team.

In community work, Abdelmalek was a team leader for Google Developer Group (GDG) in Alexandria from 2012 to 2014, and now he is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, and the General Secretary of Alexandria Software & Information Technology Association ASITA.

Discover our Journey

Foundation Year

Ahmed Mekkawy founded Spirula to provide linux administration services for clients who have open source web applications.

Served first major Governmental Client

The project was about providing system infrastructure and server management for the Egyptian elections campaign till 2014 presidential elections.

Served 100 customers in more than 10 different countries

Spirula gained the trust of 100 customers from Europe, Canada and Gulf Area and became a rising star in the field of Cloud Architecture and Server Management

Estonia Branch Establishment

Estonia branch was established with the aim of extending services reach and serving more clients.

Served more than 200 clients in more than 15 countries

With more than 12,000 resolved tickets Spirula kept gaining trust of its clients and became recognized in more than 15 countries.

Life at Spirula

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