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Cloud Architecture

We orchestrate system components to work in harmony with your software by creating scalable and secure cloud architectures.

Server Management

Our 24/7 operation team is here to support, manage and monitor your system to keep you focused on your business growth.

Server Migration

It’s never too late to scale. Spirula Systems professionally design and implement server migration plans to elevate the performance and capacity of your system.

Cloud Architecture


Cloud infrastructure is the key factor of guaranteed future scalability and high performance. Our team of experts bring their extensive experience in evaluating, designing, and implementing the infrastructure that enhances your business continuity.


We map your software architecture to a cost efficient server architecture without compromising performance, scale or security .


we have the right knowledge and processes to implement your designed architecture and meet your requirements.


We don’t just design, implement, then leave the resulting structure unattended. Spirula also operates and maintains your cloud architectures and recommend adjustments to adapt to the changing needs of your software.

Server Management

Server Management is about keeping your server healthy and performant which includes system administration, automated monitoring and performance tuning for your servers. This requires carrying out both periodical and urgent tasks. Such as the following:

Server Provisioning

Server Specs


First things first, we start by choosing your server specs and the hosting provider if needed, to make sure that your server conveys the best available option for both your project and your budget.



The first step is to apply basic configurations to the Linux based operating systems for best system security and performance based on the server specs.



No matter what technology you are using, we will make sure that your server has a suitable infrastructure for your code and database to run seamlessly and then deploy the initial version of your software successfully.



We analyze the application behavior and apply any needed configurations to system components to adjust performance. Also, we implement our recipe of security configurations and software, such as firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) setup.

Server maintenance


We provide automatic server monitoring that notifies our team to handle resolve emerging issues and downtime or unexpected load. (Notifications - following trends- preemptive actions - debugging)


Our backup strategy enables us to handle your data in case of data failure or loss. Also our team is experienced in retrieving backups, and rolling back your system to its healthiest state. (we backup in different physical locations - mitigate the effect of force majeure)


We perform required updates for installed components on your server to keep a high level of infrastructure compatibility and security for your code. (security updates ASAP - system updates we follow up important security updates before being available )


Our highly available ticketing system allows you to initiate support tickets in case you have a certain concern or request during the whole period of our collaboration with you. We also have a hotline for emergencies that lets you reach us by phone.

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Server Migration


It’s never too late to scale your system. Spirula professionally plans and executes server migration to elevate the performance and capacity of your system.

Need to migrate your server? Let our professional team handle the migration project for you. As we first analyze your current system status, Provision your new servers starting from specs selection to security and performance enhancements then we let you perform necessary user testing before we can finally switch your operations to the new servers while planning for any possible down time.

Reasons to Migrate

Whether your system is on internal servers that can no longer bear the load. Or your Existing architecture is offshore and it needs to be moved closer or maybe it’s time to scale and endure a large amount of load or even when you need to migrate from a provider to another for business reasons.

Migration to Cloud

Spirula helps you in starting your cloud journey by migrating your entire system architecture to cloud providers which comes with lots of benefits such as enabling elastic growth for any workload in multiple availability zones for better availability and capacity planning all of that with a pay as you go strategy that is suitable for scaling your business.

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