Security Services

Spirula’s approach for security is to enhance the system status on the main security principles: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.


We offer cloud security solutions for your business to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is protected from cyber threats.

System Security

We offer Security Hardening, Perform Proactive Security Patching and DDoS Mitigation.


We provide Penetration Testing for Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Cloud Systems.

Cloud Security


This service is about enhancing the cloud architecture to be security aware, and configuring the available cloud provider tools to make the architecture more secure. This can be applied within the design phase or to a running cloud architecture.
We perform the following tasks:

Operating System Security


Quite often operating systems are not secured as well as they should be and/or the level to which they are secured is not easily reportable or auditable.
Our Operating System Security Services Include but not limited to:

Penetration Testing


Conducting penetration testing is an essential part in keeping your business protected against the latest attack techniques and malicious threat actors. Penetration Testing Provides greater insight, and clearer action points than automated security scans.
We perform penetration testing for:

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