A Complete Courses Management System

The perfect solution to train your employees, partners and customers

Dynamic Courses Management

We give you the ability to dynamically create and Sell Courses, Insert Audio/Video and Attachments into Units.Organize course Curriculum and Timeline.

Students Dashboards

Each student will be able to update and notify teachers and students, which show statistics, graphs, news, downloads and much more upon your preference.

Quizzes and Assignments

Each instructor will be able to Include and customize quizzes and assignments for the course that they have created, they can choose to either manually or automatically evaluate them.

Badges and Certificates

Create certificates templates for courses to reward students upon courses completions, encourage healthy competition between students by providing badges and applying gamification techniques..

Effective Training. Measurable Results. Constant Growth.

Manage your courses efficiently by using only a single system

Admin Tools

Our admin panel provides your system administrator with all the tools needed to manage and organize courses, students and teachers data.


View a comprehensive statistical dashboard for the total number of students, instructors, courses. In addition to course-wise stats and instructor-wise stats.


Easily collect payments for courses enrollment through your platform and provide multiple payment options for students to use.

Students Lists

View and control the lists of enrolled students in each course. Manually enroll, reset course progress or even reset a certain assignment for a certain user.

No Matter the Industry, We’ve Got Your Back

Our e-Learning Platform is suitable for different industry types.

Health care





and much more

Why Us?

Keep headaches at bay and invest in a system that pays itself back


Our solution covers most of the features that you may need in order to provide and manage courses online

Fast Delivery

Our highly qualified team of professionals provides you with our ready made e-Learning Platform that fits your business in a short period of time.

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