Spirula sponsors EGLUG’s Cairo installfest for 2010

Spirula sponsors EGLUG’s Cairo installfest for 2010

As we embrace free software principles, and from our commitment to support FOSS communities, Spirula Systems was one of the three sponsors for EGLUG’s installfest that took place Saturday, third of April 2010. That was the sixth installfest happens in Cairo since EGLUG was formed.


This event was hosted at ElSawi Culture Wheel at Zamalek, Cairo. The installfest started at 9am, featuring lots of concurrent sessions. three sessions were presented by Spirula about the free software principles and how they can be applied from personal, technical, and business perspective. Then at 4pm there was the final session which ended at 5pm, after discussing the FOSS versus proprietary software models with the audience.

What was great in that day is the spirit of EGLUG volunteers, and the advanced topics which is not common to exist in an event originally targeted for new users. For example there was sessions about python programming, cloud computing, advanced security, .. etc.

Here at Spirula System congratulate EGLUG for the successful event, and ensure our continuous support for such events in the future.