It's our pleasure to announce our partnership with ArabCrunch, the well-known arabic technical blog.

  It's our pleasure to announce our partnership with ArabCrunch, the well-known arabic technical blog.

  \n It's our pleasure to announce our partnership with ArabCrunch, the well-known arabic technical blog.



Spirula Systems partner with ArabCrunch

Spirula Systems partner with ArabCrunch

It’s our pleasure to announce our partnership with ArabCrunch, the well-known arabic technical blog.


What ArabCrunch provides is a service, and as any other service that reaches its customers, it is important to all the involved parties that the service is always available to those who need it, and that the service is always in the best shape possible. Recent events particularly have highlighted this, especially since ArabCrunch was under a DDoS attack earlier this year. 

 For that reason, ArabCrunch has decided to partner with rising Egyptian startup Spirula Systems, which will ensure that ArabCrunch is always secure, safe and capable of providing top quality performance to its users. Spirula’s focus on server administration and system engineering has already been a great aid to ArabCrunch during the April DDOS attacks and as such the two entities have decided to continue collaborating together. Despite having only started out a few months ago in Alexandria, Spirula Systems has increasingly gained a promising reputation and ArabCrunch fully believes in the capabilities of its team, particularly since the company has already showed that it shares the same goals and visions as ArabCrunch when it comes to empowering the Arab public.

Follows is the official announcement:

Alexandria, Egypt – Amman, Jordan ArabCrunch – the number one tech, startup social media and mobile a English & Arabic blog, social network, and events in the Arab world – announces today forming a new partnership with Spirula Systems, the new rising Egyptian startup focusing on system administration and security.

Founded in 2008 ArabCrunch is the only entity from the private sector in the world that is fully dedicated to empower entrepreneurs, startup, tech professionals, and geeks in the Arab world, and emerging marktes it via its network of sites and events. With over 100,000 page-views per month today ArabCrunch includes: ArabCrunch EN, ArabCrunch AR, ArabCrunch.NET, ArabCrunch DEMO and ArabCrunchStart global events.

In April, ArabCrunch EN which is ranked 6th in the world in blogs about innovation, has been under massive DDoS attack followed by penetration attempts, Since then Spirula Systems played a pivotal role in defending ArabCrunch servers.

“We are proud to partner with a company that helped us during the hard time of the criminal massive DDoS attacks that brought down site for few days, the attack was followed by penetration attempts” Said Gaith Saqer Founder and Editor of ArabCrunch.

Spirula System will bring its staff’s extensive experience in systems security and server administration to manage ArabCrunch servers and defend them from future and current cyber threats and attacks.

“Unfortunately there are people with bad intentions online, who keep using sophisticated techniques to bring down many useful and innovative sites, with this partnership we will stay on top of threats that ArabCrunch servers face and offer our expertise in defending them.” said Ahmed Mekkawy, founder & CTO of Spirula Systems.

In his part Saqer said ” Our partnership with Spirula will help focus on continuing to serve our readers and members with breaking and insightful unbiased news and analysis and great apps and events.”


About ArabCrunch:

ArabCrunch Group’s mission is to inform, impact, inspire and create an Arab centric technology ecosystem that delivers unbiased information, empowers and connects Arab entrepreneurs, geeks, and technology professionals, both in the region and throughout the world via its properties, ArabCrunch En and Arabic blogs ArabCrunch.NET and its events.

ArabCrunch EN:

The ultimate source for Arab tech startups, companies, social media and mobile in the Arab world. In 2009 ArabCrunch EN was ranked according to postrank as the in the top 24 worldwide engaged blogs ahead of Financial Times, WallStreet Journal and Forbes blogs about Entrepreneurship. Today ArabCrunch is ranked #6 worldwide in the blogs about innovation, 7th in e-commerce, 10th in the startups category according to invest.

ArabCrunch.NET:ArabCrunch.NET is the first and largest online social platform dedicated to connect and support technology companies, entrepreneurs, geeks, scientists, academia and investors in the Arab world.

About Spirula Systems:

Spirula Systems is a startup that is located in Alexandria, Egypt. Following the professional open source business model, and embracing free software values, Spirula aims to support the small to medium business switch its IT infrastructure – or part of it – to the use of open source software. This support varies, starting from switching the systems and being the second level support, to designing complicated structures spread across multiple geographical locations and operating such a system so as to keep it secure and to help maintain its high performance.
Supporting the local free/open source software communities is a commitment that we have taken upon ourselves, as without such communities all the software we use would not exist.

Our mission is to support and encourage business decision makers in adopting Free/Open Source Software, by offering high quality, reliable, and affordable services. While our vision to achieve that is to give systems, security, and infrastructure services to small-to-medium businesses, while targeting the local market, the MENA region, and the whole world.