Mushtarak sessions: Strategy

Yesterday,  Mushtarak  hosted  a  panel  discussion  on  the  Free  and  Open  Source  Software (FOSS) movement  in Egypt,  and  its  National Strategy  for  FOSS  adoption.  The Strategy  was driven by a large group of FOSS advocates. The panel consisted of Ahmed Mekkawy, Spirula’s CEO, among notable members of OpenEgypt NGO and FOSS advocates: Nagla Rizk, Sherif Al Kassass, and Ahmed Hussein.

The speakers discussed the history of FOSS community in Egypt and how a National Strategy for  FOSS  adoption  has  been  driven  and  adopted  by  the  Ministry  of  Communication  and Information Technology (MCIT). The strategy document has been written by Nagla Rizk and her team at the AUC’s A2K4D Research Center.­­­

About Mushtarak

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