Spirula Celebrates Mushtarak’s first Anniversary !

Spirula Celebrates Mushtarak’s first Anniversary !

Spirula’s Founder and CEO, Ahmed Mekkawy will take part of Mushtarak’s first Anniversary celebration by conducting a workshop “Spirula as a model”. Event will take place on Saturday, April 9 at 1

Spirula celebrates Mushtarak's first Anniversary

Mushtarak’s first Anniversary

2:00 PM at 37 Amman Street, Dokki.

In this workshop, Ahmed Mekkawy will answer important questions for Start ups: how and when to take into account starting-up a company? What are the usual start-upsstages and common risks? Then Ahmed will speak about his experience with Spirula Systems.

Mushtarak is a community space that holds events related to privacy and internet security among other issues. It is a place for techies to meet who are interested in social change.

Save the date and see you all there!